Homemade pickled sausage served in glass with onion, gherkins and peppers 115 CZK
Marinated Hermelín (Brie-style) cheese served in glass with onion and peppers 135 CZK
Head cheese from Beskid Mountains with onion and vinegar dressing 125 CZK
Homemade chicken pâté with marinated cranberries and toasted bread 145 CZK
Tomato salad with onion, mayonnaise dressing and Balkan (Feta-style) cheese 115 CZK
Traditional cucumber salad with vinegar dressing 85 CZK



Traditional goulash soup served in crispy loaf of bread 165 CZK
Czech Forest potato soup with mushrooms 95 CZK



Talian sausage from Davle simmered in broth and served with mustard and apple horseradish 135 CZK
Warm Prague ham with mustard, apple horseradish, gherkins, silver onions and homemade bread 145 CZK
Grilled butcher’s sausage with mustard, horseradish and homemade bread 145 CZK
Half dozen traditional gratinated Prague snails 195 CZK



1 kilo pork knee for baked on beer served on wooden board with coleslaw, mustard and apple horseradish 375 CZK
„Baráčnická Rychta“ plate with duck leg confit, smoked pork meat, grilled sausage, braised cabbage and assorted homemade dumplings 365 CZK
Marinated baked ribs served on wooden board with gherkins, peppers, mustard and homemade bread 285 CZK



Duck leg confit with braised fruit cabbage and homemade potato dumplings 265 CZK
Beef shank goulash on beer with bread dumplings and onion 195 CZK
Traditional brigand skewer with beef and pork meat, bacon, sausage, vegetables and potatoes 295 CZK
Baked wild boar saddle with rosehip sauce and Carlsbad dumplings 285 CZK
Fried chicken schnitzel with creamy potato purée 195 CZK
Fried wild boar schnitzel with traditional potato salad 275 CZK
Barley risotto with forest mushrooms and Gran Moravia cheese 195 CZK
Baked zander fillet on almonds with chive potato pûrée 265 CZK



Homemade apple strudel with nuts, whipped cream and sugar 95 CZK
Old Bohemian Kaiserschmarrn with poppy seeds, plums and whipped cream 125 CZK
One scoop of ice cream according to daily offer 45 CZK